Ace Vaptsarov, the Award-winning Composer Joins Penka Kouneva Studios, Inc.’s Composition Team

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Jan 24, 2020, 10:30 EST

Elkland, United States, Jan 24, 2020, 10:30 /Comserve / -- Penka Kouneva, a celebrated composer with extraordinary talents had just gone public by revealing her excitement about their team’s selection of the award-winning composer Ace Vaptsarov

The talented and famous composer, Penka Kouneva was extremely delighted to announce that their team had chosen the award-winning composer, Ace Vaptsarov to work with them on a few compositions for a few of their notable projects.


Earlier known to be “fantastic” (Billboard) and “breath-taking” (NPR), Penka Kouneva’s studio extends to several fields of entertainment such as video games, theme parks/Virtual Reality, film and television. Some of her notable works include games such as Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, a      USD 30 million multimedia theme park “Heroes and Legends” at the Kennedy Space Center, including the Virtual Reality action game                   “The Mummy” based on the Universal franchise and a set of iPhone games.

Films such as Devil’s Whisper for Sony Pictures and Aga, a drama which was one of the contenders for the Oscar belonging to Foreign Language Category had seen her musical scores being released. Besides, her musical scores for many independent feature films had been released on DVD.

Some of the major projects handled by the team are Defectors, a VR installation Sci-Fi theme which would be organized by Penka Kouneva, as she has had the experience of working on highly successful VR productions such as “The Mummy VR”. In addition to organizing the same, this experience would also be produced by Penka Kouneva. Other projects such as Pandora Season 2, a popular television series is expected to be aired anytime in mid-2020.

Many original scores and soundtracks have formed part of Ace Vaptsarov’s remarkable career that included musical scores for television, live theater and many award-winning films. One of his recent compositions had been for a Russian stage play “The Lion in Winter” produced by Alexander Morfov, who is considered to be one of the visionary directors primarily in Russia and Europe including all over the world.

The video games segment had an original musical score composed by Vaptsarov for the “Overwatch” franchise which had already crossed a revenue of USD 1 billion in the first year and has managed to build an audience comprising of at least 50 million players.  

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