Airbus Releases Design Concepts For its Hydrogen-Powered Zero-Emission Aircraft

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Sep 24, 2020, 10:25 EST

Bronx, United States, Sep 24, 2020, 10:25 /Comserve / -- With an aim to enter service by 2035, Airbus has published three concepts of commercial aircrafts that would run with zero emissions.

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Toulouse, 23 Sept. 2020 - With an aim to enter service by 2035, Airbus has published three concepts of commercial aircrafts that would run with zero emissions. It is the company’s ambition to pave the way to decarbonize the entire aviation industry. Using various pathways of technology along with multiple aerodynamic configurations, each of these concepts are a way to approach and achieve zero-emission flight.

For all these concept designs, hydrogen will act as the primary source of power. According to Airbus, hydrogen has the potential to be used as clean aviation fuel. For the various industries including aerospace which are trying to attain their climate-neutral targets, hydrogen seems to be the perfect solution for the job.

According to the CEO of Airbus, Guillaume Faury, the unveiling of these concept aircrafts is a historic moment for the commercial aviation industry sector. Airbus intends to lead the way for this significant transition. These concepts are a pathway to the company’s bold vision for the future of zero-emission flights. Faury also mentioned that hydrogen is a source that can be trusted to be used not only as a synthetic fuel but also as a primary source of power for commercial aircrafts as it has the potential to bring down the climate impact of the aviation industry.

The three concept designs of the hydrogen-powered aircrafts will pave the way for future flights. The first concept has a turbofan design with the capacity to hold 120-200 passengers and has a range of 2000+ nautical miles. The second concept, with a capacity to carry up to 100 passengers is a turboprop design and has a range of around 1000 nautical miles. The third concept, which can hold up to 200 passengers, is a blended-wing body design and has a range similar to the turbofan design.

Airbus recently released its half-year consolidated results in 2020. It recorded a revenue of EUR 18,948 million in H1 2020 as compared to EUR 30,866 million in H1 2019. In H1 2020, the company spent EUR 1,396 million in Research and Development as compared to EUR 1,423 million in H1 2019.

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