Athlitis, Inc. wants Athletes to Train Safe and Smart – New Product with Advanced Technology Is Rolled Out

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Feb 06, 2020, 04:15 EST

Elkland, United States, Feb 06, 2020, 04:15 /Comserve / -- The statistics on injuries suffered during participation in High School sports brought out by Weinstein says

That “More than 3.5 million kids aged up to 14 years have been receiving medical treatment for injuries from participation in sports activities. Additionally, traumatic injuries arising in the brain of young children in the United States have been on account of children participating in sports and recreational activities. Organized sports-related injuries that had been taking place at the time of practice constituted about 62 percent of the injuries in children.

With children and teenagers engaging themselves in playing contact sports, injuries affecting the spinal cord have been common among them.

Jerome Tomlin, a former NFL player stated that during the year 2012, some of the young children were trained in football playing, but due to non-availability of sufficient time, the fundamentals were not being imparted to the children in the correct manner, primarily tackling. He had subsequently begun to make “HEADZ Up Coach” in order to help his children play safe. Moreover, he had also decided that several parents would be pleased on hearing about this product who were concerned about their children playing the game safely. Sound mechanics and fundamentals of the game are being taught by “HEADZ Up Coach”, which Jerome Tomlin aims to offer to his customers.

Keeping in mind the fact that players can obtain benefit by using this product during practice, Tomlin had developed this product which would serve to remind players of all levels to hold an upright position of their heads, with eyes seeing straight. Sensing that athletes, both male and female sportspersons engaged in other sports activities could make use of this product, which requires the head to stay upright, the technology was revized and adjusted to meet the requirements of all such users. Currently, the product has obtained a good reach, although it has not been restricted to sports such as Soccer, Hockey, Basketball and others. 

This product with its intelligent technology connects to the cheekbone through an adhesive-backed tape that contains a little pocket along with the sensor. As the head of the athlete moves into the danger zone, which provides for the possibility of neck and head wounds, alerts would arise in the form of sound or vibration that would signal the athlete to raise their heads towards a safe territory. The product possesses advanced technology that can strengthen muscle memory over a period of time. By practicing in this way, the risks of injuries are expected to decrease substantially among players. Demand for this product is only expected to get stronger, with many sports teams in Colleges, professional players, parents of these participants, retailers engaged in trading in sports items and others driving the demand for this new technology that could help in training their athletes in a better way.    

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