Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation Gets a Sponsor This Time from Allianz Foundation for North America

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Jan 16, 2020, 09:00 EST

Elkland, United States, Jan 16, 2020, 09:00 /Comserve / -- A fresh financial support of USD 50,000 as a grant has been released by Allianz Foundation for North America to Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation (CKG).

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Allianz Foundation awards a grant of USD 50,000 to Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation (CKG), a non-profit organization based out of Henrico, Virginia that is working on creating an awareness on mental depression as well as anxieties faced among teenagers. A mobile app is planned to be developed using the funds received as grant that would be devized primarily to target teenagers by providing choices that are beneficial to address various social risks faced by them that could make them handle the future in a better way. Moreover, some positive ways to deal with teens’ stress faced in day to day lives, the space to connect, including mental well-being of teens are being included while designing the app.

According to Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, the teens had suggested the idea of using smartphones to be able to gain access to strategies concerning mental health of teens and this is expected to be substituted in place of workbooks that are being used during such programs. Several thousands of teens are being served by the Foundation who have been attending the programs of the organization every year. The number of teens who are expected to attend are only going to increase and could also reach at least one lakh teens every year according to the Foundation.

According to the Executive Director of the Allianz Foundation, Christopher Worthley, the Alliance Foundation has been committed in its efforts to empower young people by shaping their future. This includes various strategies being worked out to help these teenagers face stresses and help them pass through the same in the modern highly demanding world. He also added that the Allianz Foundation is pleased to co-operate with Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation in their mission that is aimed at raising awareness on the various challenges associated with mental health, including providing education and assistance to whoever it has been serving till date.

The passion to relieve the world of the judgement and stigma, that are especially being faced by those who suffer from mental challenges had motivated Cameron Kathleen Gallagher to raise awareness and understanding on the depression and anxiety faced by teens. The Foundation has continued on the mission set by her to help teenagers lead healthier and fulfilling lives.

Grace Gallagher, Executive Director of CKG Foundation stated that their foundation was delighted and more importantly appreciates the tremendous support that they have received from Allianz and the Allianz Foundation, which can help them reach higher number of youngsters through the development of the mobile app that could help in enhancing the lives of teenagers.

Allianz, being one of the largest financial services companies globally is keen to devote adequate time and efforts to help improve communities in all its major areas of operations. Allianz understands the importance of young people who could make a difference to the world and would also be the key to a bright and successful future. Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation’s innovative programs are being lent adequate support and recognition by Allianz as well as Allianz Foundation for North America, which has been working tirelessly to provide a better place to live and work for their community.     

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