Canada based metal manufacturer, Samuel, Son & Co. completes the acquisition of remaining stake of Burloak Technologies

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Feb 21, 2020, 17:45 EST

Feb 21, 2020, 17:45 /Comserve / -- Samuel, Son & Co. completed its acquisition of the remaining stake in Canadian additive manufacturer, Burloak Technologies, by which it will currently own 100% of shareholding in Burloak.

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Samuel, Son & Co. Limited or Samuel had made the announcement recently about its acquisition of the balance stake available with Burloak Technologies, an additive manufacturer operating from Canada. Burloak has been working with various innovative companies arising from space, aerospace and other related markets. This is basically to quickly transform itself into its most important and strenuous part designs that are to be additively manufactured and at scale.

A portion of the stake had already been acquired by Samuel in the year 2017. The President and CEO of Samuel, Colin Osborne mentioned that as far as the company’s early belief regarding immense potential for transformation in additive manufacturing has been paying off. He further added that the team had made considerable progress, including their relationships with several innovative companies from across several regions of the world. Also, he stated that the company had developed a good reputation as an expert in additive manufacturing has further strengthened and the company is expecting the future to be brighter for additive manufacturing in the long term.

The Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Burloak Technologies, Peter Adams stated that the company is proud of the progress they have been able to make over a brief time period to become one of the market leaders in the industry. He further stated that, with more companies starting to derive the full benefits of this technology, there would be a considerable progress made in several end markets. He further remarked that Burloak would continue to remain at the leading position, owing to the support received from Samuel.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Samuel, Simon Walls had been appointed as the President of Burloak Technologies, in addition to appointing Peter Adams as the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the company.

About Burloak Technologies

Burloak Technologies has been one of the market leaders operating in the additive manufacturing industry that is engaged in the business of offering engineering and designs for additive manufacturing, including materials development, high precision CNC machining and so on. Many innovative companies that operate in the space, aerospace and few other markets have been Burloak’s clients. The company has also received ISO 9001 certification, apart from holding a Canada Controlled Goods Certification.

About Samuel

Samuel, Son & Co. Limited, one of the leading metals and industrial products manufacturer was established in the year 1855. The company operates over 100 facilities with a strong base of 6500 employees. Samuel has been providing access to metals as well as industrial products, apart from offering additional value-added services in the market.

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