First ever UL Certification granted to Fermata Energy for its Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging System

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Mar 18, 2020, 10:00 EST

Mar 18, 2020, 10:00 /Comserve / -- The announcement had just been made recently by one of the leading global safety science company UL about the electric vehicle charging system of Fermata Energy being the first to be UL 9741 certified

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Fermata Energy has become the first company to be granted the certification as per the new safety standard adopted in the North American region for Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging System being UL 9741. Bidirectional chargers have been constructed keeping in mind the idea that electric vehicle batteries are valuable resources that would be able to hold electricity that is used to run the vehicle, apart from supplying energy back to the electrical grid. This could help EVs to generate money during the time they are parked by aiding in stabilizing the electric power grid.

UL 9741 standard would cover bidirectional electric vehicle charging equipment through which electric vehicles are charged from an electric power system, apart from inclusion of its functionality of exporting power that passes from the electric vehicle to an electric power system.

The business development director of UL’s Energy Systems and eMobility Division, Francisco Martinez had stated that bidirectional charging gives enough potential to vehicle-to-grid technology to balance demand for electricity as well as smooth consumption spikes, especially with the assistance of electric car battery storage. Further, the role played by UL in deriving the maximum benefit from such stored energy in electric vehicles is to ensure that the process takes place smoothly and safely.

The use of bidirectional charging by Fermata is mainly for the purpose of turning electric vehicles into sources of energy for use by the electric grid, by which the EVs will be made an off-the-shelf solution to the storage requirements of renewable energy and at the same time reducing the total cost of ownership of the EVs.

David Slutzky, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fermata Energy remarked that Fermata Energy has been able to unlock the full potential of electric vehicles, which has assisted in accelerating the shift towards higher electric vehicle usage. He further stated that V2G system of Fermata is one of such bidirectional energy solutions would help to decrease the energy costs, apart from increasing the grid resilience as well as fighting the climate change. Moreover, David Slutzky has also added that Fermata Energy had been the first company to obtain UL 9741 certification and is keen to enter into a partnership with many other organizations in order to advance V2G applications.            

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