Global Telematics Service Provider LoJack Italia gets selected to render emergency response services through Private e-Call

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Mar 16, 2020, 11:00 EST

Mar 16, 2020, 11:00 /Comserve / -- The announcement made by CalAmp (NASDAQ: CAMP), a company that provides global technology solutions that its subsidiary, LoJack Italia, a telematics service provider has been chosen for providing services involve in emergency rescue

LoJack Italia, a telematics service provider had been selected to provide immediate response services during emergency situations that include loss of lives that can be faced by individuals, if not being offered with immediate assistance. The emergency response services can be availed by any individual, in the event of occurrence of a collision by a Private eCall service that can be used by drivers across Italy.

Private e-Call is an alert service by which assistance is delivered to drivers during emergency at the time of road accidents and this service is now available all over Italy. The recent signing of an agreement between AREU (Regional Agency for Emergency Urgency) and the Telematics Service Providers Association (TSP Association) has provided the authority to LoJack Command Center and a few of other members belonging to TSP Association to provide emergency calls to the European 112 Central Response Center via Private Call.

During the time of collision, an instant alert that is sent through the vehicles that have been fitted with LoJack Italia’s CrashBoxx, by which information on the crash is provided along with the time, location explaining the severity of the crash. On the basis of this information, LoJack operators would be able to take urgent steps to contact the driver over phone, including simultaneously alerting the 112 Central Response Center as well as specifying the location of the closest rescue center in order to act swiftly to provide medical attention.

According to the President of TSP Association, Sergo Tusa, the members of the TSP association have brought in place a technology over the past three years, which is a part of their experiment with Private e-Call that has been met with success and has also gone past expectations. He further added that the Private e-call system acting in concert with these specified TSP members can create a big social impact, as quick arrival of help could save lives and Italy would also become one of the leading service providers for its citizens with its latest telematics technologies.

CrashBoxx delivers notifications about crash instantly as well as accident reconstruction information. The LoJack Command Center would contact the motorist quickly based on the severity of the accident that can be assessed through the CrashBoxx, so that the passenger condition would be known as well as steps can be taken for facilitating emergency response or assistance may be offered by booking a courtesy car till the repairs are complete. Moreover, reports related to high-fidelity accident reconstruction could also be sent to the insurance company of the owner directly that can help to streamline the claims process.

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