Hemp Sales and Distribution network of Front Range Biosciences grows and expands its distribution partnerships with Alterra and Coastal Organix

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Feb 10, 2020, 17:30 EST

Feb 10, 2020, 17:30 /Comserve / -- Front Range Biosciences, an agricultural technology provider has announced that it would carry on with its efforts to expand its distribution partnerships along with Coastal Organix and Alterra.

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The agricultural technology provider, Front Range Business had recently made the announcement about the continued expansion of its Hemp sales and distribution network in partnership with Coastal Organix and Alterra. This announcement would make the hemp distributors of FRB’s network grow higher more particularly in the southeast region, including having a solid pipeline for 2020 that is varied along with the inclusion of CBG varieties.

The farmers belonging to the Gulf Coast including the South East regions in the United States would consider Coastal Organix as a highly significant hemp resource. Moreover, Coastal Organix’s research and development facility has also served for Front Range Biosciences in the form of a field trial partner by meshing products that are currently existent with future technologies. Coastal Organix, being the partner would be offering the whole set of products that would also include the Abigail variety for Front Range Business. Abigail variety has performed and succeeded in the Southern region field trials. This is also supposed to be a part of SuperFit Series of FRB that constitute some of the finest cannabis products available all over the world.

Alterra is expected to offer the proven performers CBD varieties of FRB and PANAKEIA, which is the first high-CBG variety with a THC that is 0.00%. Alterra has been able to associate with the farmers from coast to coast, including supplying such farmers with healthy plants that are specific to region and delivered on time. Camera and Victoria Wylde, who own Alterra stated that Alterra had been working alongside Front Range Biosciences for the purpose of ensuring that farmers would be able to receive consistent genetics, that can help reduce the chances of crop failure, apart from raising yields and improving their return on their investment.   

Dr. Jonathan Vaught, who is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Front Range Biosciences remarked that they are excited as a company to include Coastal Organix and Alterra as part of their trusted distribution network. Additionally, he added that the company has been able to provide several varieties of hemp that are strong enough to support the health of the various local farms all over the country by way of such partnerships.

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