IKEA® and the LEGO Group launches BYGGLEK

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Aug 30, 2020, 16:00 EST

Bronx, United States, Aug 30, 2020, 16:00 /Comserve / -- IKEA of Sweden AB and the LEGO Group have announced the long-awaited outcome of their collaboration.The two companies have joined together to build BYGGLEK.

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August 28, 2020: IKEA of Sweden AB and the LEGO Group have announced the long-awaited outcome of their collaboration.The two companies have joined together to build BYGGLEK, a creative storage solution.The latest BYGGLEK range consists of a selection of storage boxes with LEGO® studs and a special LEGO brick kit. The main objective of creating this range is to inspire play and instill more excitement in storage around the house.The BYGGLEK collection will start to be available in established IKEA distribution platforms from October 1, 2020 throughout Europe (except Russia) and North America.

Earlier, this year, in the month of June, Inter IKEA Groupand Ellen MacArthur Foundation announced their alliance. Their collaboration focused onplacing the home furnishing sector on the global circular map and driving the transformation to a circular economy within IKEA and beyond.The mutual goal was to build lasting impact on a global scale and to accelerate change towards a circular society.Now with its partnership with the LEGO Group, they have launched BYGGLEK. The BYGGLEK boxes are fitted with LEGO studs on the top and the front with thischildren will incorporate the storage boxes as part of their LEGO constructions.

Andreas Fredriksson, designer at IKEA of Sweden stated that the company believes in the power of play. He further states that where adults often see mess, children see an opportunity to be creative. By the launch of BYGGLEK range, they will help bridge the divide between these two viewpoints to encourage more imaginative play in homes worldwide. Also, BYGGLEK collection range blends well with other IKEA goods making it possible to have your children’s imaginationto become a beautiful piece of decoration at home.

Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, designer at the LEGO Group stated that BYGGLEK are more than just boxes, these are storage and play intertwined. BYGGLEK delivers a variety of items to families that would help them build space for more play in their daily lives, fueling imagination, making it easier to have fun together. It’s an opportunity to enjoy, show awesome creations and return to replay, reconstruct, rebuild, or start afresh. BYGGLEK is all about infinite possibilities, much like the LEGO System in Play.

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