“IPROMISE School’s Future Home Town Hall” – A Financial Support of USD 1 Million Comes in From The JM Smucker Company

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Feb 06, 2020, 07:30 EST

Elkland, United States, Feb 06, 2020, 07:30 /Comserve / -- The Ohio based packaged foods manufacturer, J.M. Smucker Company has offered to extend its helping hand by offering a financial support of USD 1 million for the development of IPROMISE School’s Future Home Town Hall.

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The new facility would offer a secure place for students’ learning including offering the space for the physical and recreational activities of students. Moreover, with students participating in physical activity such as sports could also help in improving the academic performance as well as the personality of students. The HomeTown Hall is also expected to host assemblies school-wide, including other IPROMISE family experiences. Additionally, IPROMISE School families would be served dinner on a monthly basis that aims to mark the significance of enjoying the concept of shared meals and oneness.

Michele Campbell, LeBron James Family Foundation’s Executive Director mentioned that the support received from J.M. Smucker Company has been overwhelming and it has in turn helped their students and families thrive in ways that could not be imagined. Further, he added that the HomeTown Hall would certainly become remarkable and state-of-the-art gathering space that would bring both the students and families along in unison which would be facilitated by J.M. Smucker on a continuous basis during the process of their journey.

Akron’s most challenged students along with their families are being served by IPromise school which has partnered with the LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools by providing them with the necessary care including the resources that are required by them for helping them secure a better future.

The IPROMISE School additionally has offered a Family Resource Wing that is dedicated to offering a wraparound support. This has been done by the school, in keeping in line with its philosophy that education starts at home and subsequently family being the foundation for the development of every student by including opportunities for GED preparation, legal services, medical and vision care, job and family services and others.

About 200 employees of Smucker had volunteered to help change an administrative building into an innovative educational environment that students are able to rejoice and appreciate, which has been possible from the time that Smucker had joined hands in support of LeBron James Family Foundation and their work along side IPROMISE school ever since it had opened.

The HomeTown Hall initiative that involves the relationship of Smucker and the LeBron James Family Foundation is evidence of the fact of their ongoing efforts to provide assistance to families and children.

Jill Penrose, Chief People and Administrative Officer of The J.M. Smucker company stated that the LeBron James Family Foundation has been able to generate an innovative and promising new model, which would be able to support students and families that have been difficult to reach out to by them. Further, she added that the passion to support children and families has always been the core value of their company. Also, she feels that their company’s purpose is being served which is the continuous development of the institution, which would generate a positive impact on the entire community as a whole, that includes families and students.     

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