Keyrus Group Announces Name Change from MedQualis to Keyrus Life Science – First Connected CRO Devized To Speed Up the Digital Transformation of Health Sector

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Feb 12, 2020, 23:30 EST

Feb 12, 2020, 23:30 /Comserve / -- Keyrus Group announced that the first Connected-CRO has been designed to enable and expedite the process of transformation of enterprises in healthcare sector.

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Keyrus Group, one of the international market players  in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital and Consulting announced the change of name of MedQualis to Keyrus Life Science, which is considered to be the first connected CRO that has been intended for the purpose of providing assistance including helping advance the digital transformation of enterprises that operate in the healthcare sector.

Brigitte Marcheterre, who is the General Manager of Keyrus Life Science for the nations U.S. and Canada announced that the development of Keyrus Life Science would be based on the theory that mankind would be able to solve various important health issues by tackling them at the earliest possible time only by giving data a meaning. He also added that Keyrus Life Science is a Connected Clinical CRO that is also unique and has been improving the performance as well as speed of execution of clinical trials by valorizing the extended data.

Keyrus Life Science works towards establishing industry expertize, Life Data Sciences and enablement of Digitization in such a way that it can leverage Clinical Research ecosystems as well as Real-World Evidence that come under healthcare, thereby helping advance the authenticity, including the capacity to innovate and the rapid execution of Clinical Research activities.

Keyrus Life Science would further be able to achieve digitalization for all of its clients throughout the Life Science industry segments, including covering of all the phases involved in the R&D cycle starting from early clinical stages which passes through into Real World Evidence and insights in the case of a post-marketing setup.

Keyrus Life Science has been able to include every single aspect of clinical research that is in place currently including for the future, on account of its rich experience gained over the past twenty (20) years. The services as well as offerings include C2RO, Life Data Sciences and Digital Enablement.

The improvement in collection of data as well as quality, engaging patients and their loyalty, including making sense of the extended ecosystem data has all made Keyrus Life Science a major contributor in enriching Clinical research and development practices that has supported quality healthcare.

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