KPMG and Microsoft Corporation to Form an Alliance to Digitally Transform Professional Services

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Jan 06, 2020, 14:15 EST

Jan 06, 2020, 14:15 /Comserve / -- Microsoft’s advanced technologies will help KPMG by transforming its cloud-based audit abilities, risk management and tax solutions by providing innovative solutions

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KPMG is expecting to invest USD 5 billion for the expansion of its relationship with Microsoft Corporation globally. The AI and cloud technologies of Microsoft will enable KPMG to increase productivity, improve cost-efficiency along with the decision making competences. Microsoft Azure would be employed by the company for its new cloud-based platform that utilizes artificial intelligence. Moreover, Microsoft Azure would be used to support and toughen KPMG’s series of digital contributions by benefitting both the companies and its clients. The higher speed of deployment offered to clients adhere to the industry-leading security standards and compliance. Further, the company plans to modernize its workplaces by incorporating the cloud-based collaboration and various productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams.

The critical solutions required by KPMG for expansion of its business across new regions while developing innovative products and hiring new people can be made easy with the help of these systems and tools developed by Microsoft. The alliance of both the companies builds a portfolio that results in automation of manual process, creation of customized applications and continuous analysis of information that minimizes the risk of errors and aids is smart decision-making.

The combination of industry expertise of the two companies for developing a robust portfolio that contains managed services and solutions in various business related applications helps to increase the deployment speed and the return on investment. In 2017, KPMG became the first company from the Big Four to launch its own smart audit platform known as KPMG Clara, which is based on Microsoft Azure. It allows the employees to bring analytics abilities and powerful data through a smart, intelligent and automated platform while communicating with clients on a real-time bases during the process of auditing. On a broader scale, the company’s investment in innovation, people and technology combined would give rise to an agile business environment.

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