Last Quarter of 2019 Ends on a Successful Note for the Online Marketplace and Sandhills Global’s Shipping Partner, FR8Star

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Jan 23, 2020, 10:15 EST

Jan 23, 2020, 10:15 /Comserve / -- Recent announcement had been made about the successful closure of previous quarter for 2019 by FR8Star, an online marketplace and a shipping partner of Sandhills

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The announcement had just come in recently from FR8Star, an online marketplace that has been the shipping partner of Sandhills Global and holding at least 25,000 specialized less than load (LTL) and flatbed transport loads put up on the FR8Star broker and carrier network about the successful closing of the previous quarter that ended in 2019. The FR8Star helps connect shippers with various bonded brokers including insured carriers who have the necessary expertize, thereby making available a safe and secure bidding including ensuring transparency in the process of bidding. As for the year 2020 that looks promising for FR8Star, it anticipates that they would be able to cross at least 1500 quality leads weekly, the data of which is obtained from websites such as,, and

Some of the websites such as and and other industry platforms that are handled and controlled by Sandhills Global have been facilitating the sale of new as well as second-hand or used heavy machinery, commercial trailers and trucks and even agricultural equipment. With the integration of FR8Star into the retail platform of Sandhills, the various transportation processes that include purchases, rental or leases have been simplified. The FR8Star shipping link is provided for those users who are desirous of conducting their purchase from this platform, which would allow users to send a request for a quote which may include any truck or trailer or equipment at a click of the link button that is provided for that specific asset.

A fresh feature has been introduced specifically for FR8Star carriers which can be availed free of cost. This carrier load board would be able to allow carriers to filter and sort loads at a faster rate, including the opportunity to view every piece of information on all of such loads, which would help to discover the loads that are most suited to their expertize. The most common criteria that would be used in order to filter and sort loads includes location, type of shipment and other specific load requirements.

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