New Debate Platform for Global Leaders and Experts – TBD Media Group Makes Announcements for Davos 2020 Campaign

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Jan 27, 2020, 11:30 EST

Elkland, United States, Jan 27, 2020, 11:30 /Comserve / -- TBD Media announced the launch of Davos 2020 campaign for global leaders and innovators who are expected to attend the annual conference at Davos this year in partnership with a global media publisher

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TBD Media in partnership with a globally renowned media publisher is set to launch a video series as part of its Davos 2020 campaign comprising several leaders and innovators from across the globe who are expected to attend the annual conference at Davos this year. With the campaign becoming a success last year, TBD Media is set to build up this year’s edition further following the success tasted from the previous year’s campaign, that would feature another bunch of the world’s famous and prominent personalities in corporate as well as public life.

Davos has seen leaders spanning across various sectors that include both public and private sectors assemble at Davos in order to engage in debates on the challenges confronting the various businesses including the society in general. These debates also include chalking out a roadmap to successfully deal with such challenges. TBD Media has brought out a video campaign exclusively to present the insights of Davos to the world.

The surroundings of the Intercontinental Hotel would witness interviews being conducted and filmed in the presence of Andrew Wilson who had earlier worked for Sky News. He is well-known as being a seasoned news presenter and an award-winning foreign correspondent. The attendees would be offered the opportunity to present their insights on their field of expertize through this campaign including thought leadership on many vital issues faced during such time period.

Many lengthy discussions on technology, sustainability and trade governance that is expected to cover primarily six areas such as economy, technology, ecology, industry, geopolitics and society.

The necessity to innovate has been rising than never before and more debates in an open arena is expected to bring in innovation. With a changing world that is faced with several challenges, TBD Media is desirous of offering a platform and an environment for those individuals engaged in innovation to be able to connect and share their ideas with the audience including stakeholders across the globe.

The content would be compiled and aired in collaboration with major news brands present all over the world during January 2020 and subsequently thereafter. This is intended primarily to offer context and transparency to the proceedings taking place at the annual event in Davos.   

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