New Zealand Government and Wisk Sign an MOU for a Partnership for the first Autonomous Passenger Transport Trial

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Feb 17, 2020, 09:30 EST

Elkland, United States, Feb 17, 2020, 09:30 /Comserve / -- An MOU was announced by both the New Zealand government and Wisk Aero LLC for the purpose of setting up the first autonomous all electric air taxi trial at Canterbury, New Zealand.

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The New Zealand Government came up with its announcements that it has planned to construct an industry-wide Airspace Integration Trial, as it could help the government to function along with several top industry partners in terms of innovation, both at home as well as in the global market for the purpose of safe testing as well as demonstration of unmanned aircraft. Wisk has become the first industry partner to be a part of the program.

The CEO of Wisk, Gary Gysin stated that the company was happy to enter into an agreement with the New Zealand Government, as this would help Cora enter the air taxi market. He also added that the company is looking forward to this agreement, with greater confidence placed in their product as well as their capabilities to develop as well as provide a safe and secure air taxi service that can be relied upon at any time, which will be started from New Zealand. Dr. Megan Woods, the Minister of Research Science and Innovation mentioned that this effort has been the first of its kind and the commitment as well as technology that is innovative and available with Wisk would certainly help them to be the ideal partner who would help advance the future of travel in New Zealand as well as throughout the world.

Gary Gysin mentioned that since 2017, the company had been working with the Government as well as the people of New Zealand. He was also happy that the agreement and trial that would play an integral part in their journey of ensuring a safe flight everyday for the entire population. He also remarked that Wisk that has been chosen as the partner for this program is evidence of the hard work put in as well as a progress made by the company on a constant basis, considering the significance placed on innovation and technology which could ensure safety of the environment as well as population.

Urban Air Mobility has been slowly growing with immense potential and at a higher valuation. A passenger transport trial is being planned in Canterbury after the agreement had been signed. Once Cora obtains the certification from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, the passenger route would take off and will be the first in the world to commence operations.

About the New Zealand Government Airspace Integration Trials

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Innovative Partnerships team have been working along with the Civil Aviation Authority, Transport Ministry including various stakeholders for the purpose of managing the Airspace Integration Trial programme by which it plans to use their technology from testing to in-service operations.

About Wisk

Wisk is an urban air mobility company that has been working on providing safe and secure flights on a daily basis for the population. The passengers would be able to escape any form of traffic gridlock and reach their destinations at a rapid speed with the help of Cora which has its self-flying evTOL air taxi. Wisk is based out of New Zealand and San Francisco and has more than a decade of experience as well as completion of more than 1000 test flights. Considering these, Wisk will be the company that would create a new future of a safe and viable option for those commuters who travel daily, especially the urban travel.

Wisk New Zealand is the trade name under which Zephyr Airworks LLC, a Delaware (USA) Limited Liability Company has been conducting its operations. 

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