NWT Government’s mandate will strengthen the Support offered for greater Exploration and Development of Resources says Nighthawk

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Feb 26, 2020, 09:45 EST

Feb 26, 2020, 09:45 /Comserve / -- Canadian based Gold exploration company Nighthawk opines that the recently elected government of the Northwest Territories (“NWT”) had just released its mandate for the period (2019-2023).

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Nighthawk Gold Corp., (TSX: NHK) was pleased to announce that the government of the Northwest Territories that had been elected recently had published the Mandate of the Government for the period 2019-2023 that has laid out the various initiatives that are considered to be advanced with reference to the mineral resource industry in addition to various improvements in infrastructure. The government has set 22 priorities in the month of October, out of which the mandate contains objectives associated with increase in exploration of resources and development and strategic investments in infrastructure. Further, it also includes settling and implementation of treaty, land, resources, including agreements related to self-government.

Some of the important highlights of the mandate were the steps to raise exploration and development of resources, invest strategically in infrastructure that can connect with various communities and others such as economic expansion or decreasing the costs of living that would also include working on Mackenzie Valley Highway, the Slave Geological Corridor and the Taltson Hydro Project and finally work towards settlement and implementation of treaty, including land, resources and agreements related to self-government.

The CEO and President of Nighthawk Gold Corp., Dr. Michael Byron stated that they had been conducting their operations in the NWT ever since the year 2009 and they have received tremendous support from the government territorially as well as indigenously. He also stated that a smooth access to meet the representatives of the government was facilitated who have extended their support to the industry, in addition to promoting the growth in the region. He appreciated the new government for their efforts to encourage economic growth and is thrilled and eager to seeing the initiatives taken by the government being implemented which will lead to various benefits arising for the Northwest Territories.

He further added that the company was fortunate to meet with the government at the AME Roundup conference held at Vancouver and expressed optimism and hope from the government on being satisfied with the continued vigour shown by government along with its commitments which had been laid down in its mandate. Finally, he concluded that the company has been extremely grateful and delighted to run their operations in the Northwest Territories.

About Nighthawk

The Canadian gold exploration company, Nighthawk is situated about 200 kilometers north of Yellowknife in Northwest Territories, Canada. The company has been working on taking forward its Colomac Gold Project, having a current inferred resource representing about 2.6 million ounces of gold. The company is in a comfortable position with the necessary resources available, combined with a well-experienced and sincere team, in order to achieve its objectives over the next year.

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