PACE and Boulder County Announces Small Businesses Equity Program Focused on Energy and Money Saving

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Aug 13, 2020, 03:55 EST

Bronx, United States, Aug 13, 2020, 03:55 /Comserve / -- Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) has launched a Small Business Equity Program in Boulder County in partnership with the City of Boulder.

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Boulder County, 11 Aug. 2020 -- Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) has launched a Small Business Equity Program in Boulder County in partnership with the City of Boulder. This has been done to help small businesses save money and energy by replacing and updating outdated grocery/restaurant equipment and lighting.

PACE has initiated two separate grant offerings which are restaurant and grocery equipment grants along with an outdated lighting upgrade bonus where both would cover up to 70% of the project costs.

Historically, businesses that have been associated with PACE services have access to communication networks, capital, and also have a greater staff capacity. This allows them to make better use of government support to advance their sustainability and energy-saving goals.

Restaurants and Grocery stores have some of the highest energy costs per square foot of any small business. This is because they rely on old and outdated equipment. Boulder County and the City of Boulder have created the Small Business Equity Program to help and support underrepresented and energy burdened businesses. Upgrading this outdated equipment with more efficient models can result in significant savings in energy usage and costs. This leads to reduced climate impact, smaller carbon footprint and helps preserve small and local businesses of the community.

PACE, along with the City of Boulder had launched a pilot program back in 2019 for locally owned small businesses. The participants of this pilot project helped PACE recognize the biggest hurdles to overcome upfront cost and equipment logistics.

Through the pilot program, PACE offered increased financial incentives. This was done in the form of an up-front grant instead of a retroactive rebate along with a streamlined process for delivering and installing new equipment and disposing of the old and inefficient ones.

Pilot participants are enjoying the benefits of more efficient and environmentally friendly equipment that is helping them save money on their monthly bills. This is not only a win for the business but also the environment.

About Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE)

Partners for a Clean Environment helps provide advisory services, incentives, and certification programs. This helps businesses measure and gain recognition for their successful progress in domains such as waste, water, energy, and transportation.

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