TagSurveyor Gets an Upgrade this Time, as Customers get Ready To Visualize Their Inventory Levels on Cloud

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Dec 19, 2019, 10:30 EST

Salem, US, Dec 19, 2019, 10:30 /Comserve / -- Fetch Robotics, the only cloud-driven Autonomous Mobile Robot solution provider for warehousing and logistical markets announced that it had developed a fresh and exclusive set of capabilities for its robotic RFID solution TagSurveyor.

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Fetch Robotics, the only cloud-driven Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solution provider till date for warehousing and logistical markets had just announced that it had developed a fresh and exclusive set of capabilities for its robotic RFID solution TagSurveyor. The solution is aimed at offering customers with an out-and-out visibility of assets through a facility map provided, wherein, the inventory data can be visualized, be it their fulfilment centres or distribution centres or warehouses. The customers would be able to improve their inventory planning better, especially with accurate and timely data being generated that would help operations to become minimal and efficient. This has become possible, owing to the presence of TagSurveyor’s unique capabilities that has been able to capture RFID data independently on a continuous basis.

Earlier, the normal practices that had been followed were their heavy dependence on physical counts. Individual items in the warehouse were scanned for the purpose of creating a numerical record of these items. These involved putting in several hours of manual labour that involved considerable costs. Moreover, collection of data may get distorted in many cases, including failure to collect location-specific information. Adoption of better inventory management practices in order to maintain error-free inventory counts that could save several trillions of dollars has gained significance, as weak inventory management practices such as warehouse managers only being able to have a watch over the number of items, while not being able to trace their location throughout the warehouse could lead to unnecessary holding of huge inventory levels, man hours wasted in trying to trace the inventory, resulting in lost or misplaced items in many cases and the burden of additional expenditure incurred towards write-offs, re-orders etc.

As Fetch Robotics claimed earlier, TagSurveyor, with its cloud-enabled inventory management solution, is designed for the purpose of ensuring improved inventory tracking that is highly accurate than ever before and also save additional time for the customers. The RFID technology that is considered to be vigorous is applied by TagSurveyor robot along with robot localization in order to obtain an entire view of the warehouse, including its assets. This helps the customer to acquire gainful insights on the cloud. All the items are geo-tagged along with their location in the warehouse, in order to gain a complete and thorough visualization of the entire facility. Customers also get to increase their inventory counts and checks more frequently than before to several times every single day.

Many facilities continue to suffer from absence of basic information that even includes updated inventory counts. Stefan Nusser, Vice President of Products at Fetch Robotics stated that Fetch is developing a full suite of robots to provide new levels of insights into warehouse operations and workflows and TagSurveyor had been the most specialized solution of the Company to date. The customers who have already been using Fetch Robots would be able to add a TagSurveyor at ease, including being able to equip their facilities with a broad range of AMRs available with Fetch, so as to track and trace anything, ranging from parts to pallets, owing to the presence of Fetch’s cloud platform.

Once TagSurveyor is installed inside a facility, the customers would be able to notice the inventory levels, asset movements thereby helping analyze any form of changes such as additions or removals that happened ever since the last survey. Customers would be able to obtain cover on a map, any movement of an asset from one location to another in a facility or in the case of assets that are found in a location where they are not supposed to be present and many more.

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