Turboden, S.p.A signs contract with Meadow Lake Tribal Council – Supply of Sustainable Energy for Indigenous First Nations

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Feb 19, 2020, 09:45 EST

Feb 19, 2020, 09:45 /Comserve / -- The Italy based group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited (MHI Group), Turboden, S.p.A enters into a contract to deliver Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation system.

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Turboden, S.p.A, a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited (MHI Group) that is headquartered in Brescia, Italy has completed the signing of contract that will involve the supply of an 8000 kW Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation system for Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) which has been representing nine Indigenous First Nations in Saskatchewan, Canada. The company utilizes sawmill residual woody biomass as fuel.

The power project that aims at stopping the release of carbon-dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is conducting its operations in the name of MLTC Bioenergy Centre that is situated near Meadow Lake in Saskatchewan. This is also situated inside of the territory belonging to the nine First Nations of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC). The Canadian Government would be involved in funding the project i.e. (Green Power Generation facility) of Meadow Lake Tribal Council including its operations. The technology of Turboden would be utilized for generating electricity from an ORC system, which will involve extraction of biomass fuel from residual food waste that arises from NorSask Forest Products LP, sawmill owned by MLTC in the form of heating fuel. At least 5000 homes are predicted to benefit from such production, which is expected to reach at least 6600 kW (net) of carbon neutral baseload electricity. At least one million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are anticipated to be lowered over a period of twenty-five (25) years through this project. Further, significant levels of smoke as well as harmful dust and particles that are being released are expected to decline, which would help improve the conditions of air quality domestically. Apart from electricity generation, the NorSask sawmill buildings and the highly efficient lumber dry skin would receive process heat that arises from the cogeneration system design. This would help lower the consumption of natural gas, in addition to helping boost the economics of the sawmill facility that is completely indigenously owned.

A group of professors from Polytechnic University of Milan had been responsible for establishing Turboden in the year 1980 that has since then been working towards the usage of ORC power generation systems. Its merger with MHI Group was completed in the year 2013. Further, Turboden and Daiichi Jitugyo concluded a contract, by which Daiichi Jitugyo would be the sales distributor of Turboden in Japan.  

The adoption of 995 kW Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power generation system to be used for a project in Nankan-machi (Kumamoto Prefecture) that involved the utilization of bamboo biomass as the primary fuel was made in the month of October 2019. This has been considered to be tough to process in Japan. Biomass energy is sought to be promoted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, which is the national research and development agency of Japan.

The tenth International Smart Grid Expo is expected to be held at Tokyo Big Sight starting from February 26, 2020. MHI Group has planned to exhibit its “NEXT ENERGY” booth, wherein, Turboden’s ORC power generation system would also be included.

MHI provides several highly efficient power generation and energy systems and will be working with Turboden for the purpose of adoption of binary cycle power generation systems throughout the world, which would help in providing an energy mix that can be endured for a longer time period.   

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