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Editorial Services

Our team of editors, quality assurance specialists, and customer service representatives put their expertise in providing high-quality editing services such as developmental editing (content editing) and copy editing, along with press release proofreading services to our client base, and help them achieve success in every writing endeavor.

At COMSERVE, we are proud to be the industry leader in quality editing and proofreading of press releases and its distribution, with the highest rating in customer service and satisfaction. Our team of experts have provided below a set of directives on how to be well versed with press releases, why and how editorial services for press releases are important for your company and how our expertise and guidance can help you achieve your business goals.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is an official document made by the company to the media and news site operators, such as COMSERVE, so as to grab the interest of a journalist or publication. The announcements that are made are related to the launch of new product, services, and events among others.

How To Write A Professional Press Release?

Our experts suggest that a press release should read like a news story. The stories should be written in third person, citing quotes and sources and should contain standard press release information.

A standard press release begins with contact information, such as the name, phone number and e-mail address of the person who wrote the release and is followed by the headline. The headline is the most important four or five words in the whole press release and should be catchy in the eyes of the reader.

The headline is followed by brief, which is a one-line summary of the press release and should draw the reader’s attention quickly and motivate them to learn more.

The press release should also include a location and date stamp at the beginning of the paragraph, followed by the lede (or the first sentence), which should summarize the main news of the press release.

The rest of the body should have a descriptive answer of all the questions a journalist might have about the product, service or event that is being announced. Our editorial services experts at COMSERVE also suggests that press releases shouldn’t be read as overly promotional and lose its credibility in the eyes of the journalist.

In the end, the press release should include a short description of the company or organization that’s issuing the release, along with a call to action button.

Why Press Release Is Important For Your Company?

In general, one might understand press releases as a type of marketing, which is somewhat different from “advertising”. Our team of experts differentiates “advertising” from “press releases” by referring advertising as a method to promote a company’s products. Advertising is performed by buying an advertising space on TV and newspapers. Press releases, on the other hand, are a typical method of providing corporate information, for the purpose of being taken up as news by the media.

In addition, advertisements by the companies, convey the message of the product directly to the general consumer. Such a message might directly appeal the goodness and brand value of the product. Press releases acts as the third-party media in-between the companies and the general consumer, which disseminates to the world as objective information from news, coverage articles, news reports and others. It further helps conveying the company’s information which helps to gain the trust, empathy, and support of the general society.

How We Can Help You?

At COMSERVE, our experts can guide you with:

a) Developmental or Content Editing Services: This type of services incorporates significant structuring or restructuring of a manuscript. The outcome is obtained by understanding the core intentions and goals of our customer, followed by the underlying premises of the story and the overall pacing, style and language.

b) Copy Editing Services: The copy editing services comprises of improvements being made in the formatting, style and accuracy of a text, which also includes grammar and punctuation. The outcome is obtained by utilizing correct syntax, observing overall readability of the manuscript and further ensuring grammatical conventions are used correctly. Moreover, punctuations are fixed, and consistency is observed in content layout and delivery.

c) Proofreading: This type of services takes accounts into galley proof or electronic copy of a manuscript. The process incorporates detection and correction of production errors of the text by recognizing grammatical and punctuation mistakes, as well as finding and correction of all typos, and further ensuring the formatting of the subject is in place and the press releases are ready for further releasing processes.